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Here is a Vimeo link to a 19-minute, Kafkaesque 16mm film I made called "The Office". 
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by Joseph Jobbins on 01/03/19

This is the first time I've entered a post in I don't even know how long.  I have to look at the date of the most recent post later.

So much driving.  It takes me a very long time to get settled in.  As I was driving to Alabama I had visions of getting back into this blog and putting many dreamlike images in, because my default headspace is daydream.  I was remembering the essay I wrote in Marta's workshop, the one with the two formally dressed women trying to cross Route 17 on a rainy day.  And the one I wrote about my visit to Las Vegas, when I ate in a diner filled with booths for the seating and in my booth I was able to easily eavesdrop on a conversation between a couple of prostitutes and their pimp.  I wish I can find that one.

The very first image I had was painterly.  Driving behind a Honda, and I wanted to say something about how when a car pulls out of the lane that is in front of me, into another lane, the car that replaces it is invariably one that has a rear bumper that displeases me for some reason.  I would rather the first one had not changed lanes.  What bothers me a lot, besides rear bumpers that displease me, are those vans that seem to be riding on four wheels at a slightly canted diagonal angle, making me wonder how that is physically even possible.  I feel these vans axles are askew and therefore the van is unsafe and I want only the most structurally sound cars ahead of me when we are going upwards of 80mph for obvious reasons.

This bungalow rental is good, almost like something I have always imagined having for myself when I lived in California, in a town like Redondo Beach or Hermosa Beach, places I never lived but always thought I would wind up in.  This place is a good size for myself.  It is quiet and painted in pastel colors which are easy on the eyes and apparently, according to the waiter at the seafood shanty across the highway, I am here at the best time of the year.

It is too frightening for me to try to recall, now, tonight, the state of mind I have been in until, more or less, today, during this trip.  Horrible.  So confused, a feeling like my head is going to explode because there are too many thoughts crammed in there, knocking into each other nonstop.  I reached out to Donald Mann, and I ordered a book called God Cures by Damon Davis but both are disappointments.  I just have to quiet my mind down on my own. 

I went to the Georgia Aquarium when I was in Atlanta and I'll try to see if I can remember how to post a photo.

Well, I am having trouble doing that but it's no big deal.  Maybe it's good to not deal with images in these posts from now on, I do that enough-- deal with images-- already.

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