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This site present the sketches, drawings and paintings of Joseph Minion.  It is a work-in-progress, begun in: June 2016.  A screenplay about the late antiquity painter Hieronymus Bosch is available on the "bosch" page.  At bottom of that page is a treatment for a movie based on Michael Moorcock's sci-fi novel "Behold the Man".  A trio of other screenplays will be on the blog page (which now has 2 short films).
​Lower on this page is a poem about actor Christopher Walken!  At bottom of "gallery" page is Francis Bacon's portrait of George Dyer looking into a mirror.  Inside that is a contact port.
F  E  L  L  I  N  I
Sally Field Sally Field Sally Field Sally
This is a German Shepherd pup I almost acquired!
by Ro- man Po- lan- ski

The year was 2019, January 8th and an extraordinary life came to an end. Her name was Esther Fisher and she was my mother. Today I received a special gift. My dear friend and mentor Joseph Minion created a bust of my beloved mother. Joseph is a renowned artist who wrote two of some of my favorite films, Martin Scorsese's "After Hours" and Robert Bierman's "Vampire's Kiss". A couple of months ago, with trepidation I asked Joseph if he would consider the idea of sculpting some kind of art piece in honor of my mother. Something that would reflect her life long commitment to helping others and her own personal struggle. He seemed fascinated by the prospect and asked for a picture of my mother whom he had never met. Weeks later, I was taken aback by this piece when I first put eyes on it. In this beautiful limestone piece, Joseph Minion captured her soul and fortitude. I want this bust to represent a prominent and native resident of the Lower East Side community. A woman who taught me the virtues of hard work and the act of giving. A heroine who fought tirelessly for her freedom and carried her scars with dignity. I chose a Shel Silverstein quote: "Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy" from his children's book because it was fitting of a life that gave until the tree had no more branches to give. Thank you Joe... Once again, your genius has moved my very being. My family is forever grateful. 

--Rodney Ferrer, filmmaker. City of MercyPlacebo HeartThe Song of Her

"Once There Was a Tree,
And She Loved a Little Boy" 
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" A   W O M A N   I N   D I S T R E S S "   ( I N   E L E V E N   C L U N K Y   P A R T S ) :   
(Re: missing page 47... George "comes to" and tries to find the bellboy.  He thinks it was Tom who slugged him.)