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This site present the sketches, drawings and paintings of Joseph Minion.  It is a work-in-progress, begun in: June 2016.  A screenplay about the late antiquity painter Hieronymus Bosch is available on the "bosch" page.  At bottom of that page is a treatment for a movie based on Michael Moorcock's sci-fi novel "Behold the Man".  A trio of other screenplays will be on the blog page (which now has 2 short films).
​Lower on this page is a poem about actor Christopher Walken!  At bottom of "gallery" page is Francis Bacon's portrait of George Dyer looking into a mirror.  Inside that is a contact port.
On  the left is a        side-   ways study of a draw-  ing by Fran- cisco Goya called "Linda mae- stra!" 
F  E  L  L  I  N  I
Sally Field Sally Field Sally Field Sally
This is a German Shepherd pup I almost acquired!
by Ro- man Po- lan- ski